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For Wrinkles,Acne,Pimple Scars, Age Spots,Strech lines.

Since the ancient Greeks and the Romans Snail Extract was kmown for its curative effect on the skin.

  • Apply it on an already clean skin.

  • Twice a day Morning and Night

  • Aplly it regularly for a month period.

  • Do not expose the treated surface of your skin to sun (C.f Glycolic Acid)..

  • For dry skin, it is recommended  to apply  the Hand cream Cell-1 after apply the Cell-1 Gel

  • You may use your usual cosmetics after the Cell-1 application


The Helix Aspersa Muller secretion is harvested slowly & naturally in Switzerland without harming the  snails

It contains :

Allantoine for the skin's regeneration

Elastin to stregthen the tissues

Collagen to favor the skin tonicity and elasticity

Glycolic Acid to favor the regenaration of cells due to its peeling effect

Minerals that nourish the skin

Vitamins that treat and soften the skin




SPECIAL SUPER DISCOUNT 1 Cell-1 Gel + 1 Cell-1 Hand Cream $80 s&h included

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