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The cosmetic effect of the snail extract/slime were discovered by the employes of Snail farms. Their hands were significantly smoother and their cut healed rapidly, without unfections and scars.

The snail itself uses its secretion to renew its tissues and repait it shell.

The extract has an antiseptic effect favors the healing of tissues , is a lubricant and regulate the snail temperature.

The extract is harvest naturally without any harm to the  Helix Apersa Muller in bio farms.

The secretion is slow and natural.

Since the 80's reaseaches on the medical and cosmetical effects of Snail extract shows its unique efficiency. We rationalized to have it accessible to everybody.


Cell-1 Treats


  • Lines and Winkles

  • Acnéa and Pimples

  • Age Spots and Dark Spots

  • Scars and Scars tissues (all types)

  • Stretch Marks

​​Cell-1 Cream  Usage


  • ​Apply it on an already clean skin.

  • Twice a day Morning and Night

  • Aplly it regularly for a month period.

  • Do not expose the treated surface of your skin to sun(Cf Glycolic Acid).

  • You may use your usual cosmetics after the Cell-1 application.

  • For dry skin, it is recommended  to apply  the Hand cream Cell-1 after apply the Cell-1 Gel.


Satisfaction Poll on Cell-1
On 100 users s applying Cell-1 twice a day for 2 months.
90% recommend Cell -1 to their friends and relativse
57% use it for lines and wrinkles
53% for Acnea and Pimples
46% for Various Scars
39% for Age sopts
27% for Stretchmarks


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