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All Over Indulgence

Your hands  is often the place where age spots reveals your age. The Cell-1erases it and smooth your skin. For dry skins it should be used on the face after the  application of the Cell-1 gel


The Cell 1 hand cream contains the pur Helix Apersa Muller mucus.


It nurishes tthe hand skin with a solar protection.


It is very efficient against any spots due to aging or pigmentation problems.


It is quickly absorbed and plumb the skin.


It can be used also on your face and body.


To optimized the results the use of the cream is recommendede after the Cell-1 gel application.


It contains :


Allantoine for the skin's regeneration

Elastin to stregthen the tissues

Collagen to favor the skin tonicity and elasticity

Glycolic Acid to favor the regenaration of cells due to its peeling effect

Minerals that nourish the skin

Vitamins that treat and soften the skin




Special Super Discount

1 Cell-1 Gel + ! Cell-1 Hand Cream $80 (S&H included)




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